These are some small helper apps that I've created to add on to the PA Menu.
They don't have exe files, and don't need to use the launcher,
because they are based on batch and hta files, and don't write data anywhere.

The PAM Theme Builder Portable is a full-fledged application in portableapps format.
While it is in the beta stage, it is fully functional, and hopefully will be added to the official apps in the future.
PAM Theme Builder Portable

Folderz MiniApp Download
Folderz lets you make custom shortcuts to folders as icons in the left side of the PortableApps Platform, just by editing the appinfo.ini file.

Folderz MiniApp is pre-configured with 4 folder shortcuts to example folders.
Just open the x:\FolderzMiniApp\App\Appinfo\appinfo.ini file to see and modify the folder paths and names.
If the target folder does not exist, it just won't open anything, so you have to make sure the folders exist!

There's a known issue, that has more to do with a problem with the Platform than anything.
The portableappsmenu.ini has a switch that globally shows a single icon for multi-icon apps. A lot of people have this set to "True" to cut down on the icons for OpenOfficePortable.
Of course, this will mess with Folderz MiniApp, if you want to set it up with multiple icons!
I have a workaround, which only has one drawback.
In the portableappsmenu.ini file, set ShowSingleIconForMultiIconApps=False
Then, in OpenOfficePortable, open the appinfo.ini file and set Icons=1. Now you will only see the OpenOfficePortable icon, but you can see the multiple Folderz MiniApp icons.
The drawback is that when you update OpenOfficePortable, you'll have to edit the appinfo.ini file again.
Hopefully, by then the Platform will allow you to set this selectively without editing any ini files.

Download Folderz MiniApp Here.

QuickStart MiniApp Download
QuickStart is a simple utility that starts more than one app simultaneously.
 I created it because I always start Firefox and Thunderbird at the same time, and I thought it would be useful to others.
 It's made to be compatible with the PortableApps Menu.
Once installed, you need to do some VERY simple edits to two files to customize it to start whichever apps you want.

 I've packaged it as a paf.exe file, so install it using the Install a New App function of the menu.


You configure QuickStart with some simple edits to the appinfo.ini and the QuickStart.bat files

First, edit the name of the app by opening the appinfo.ini file.
Change the name displayed in the PortableApps Platform by editing the NAME value.

Then, edit the QuickStart.bat file.
Two examples are provided for you, feel free to change them.
Follow the pattern of

Add as many lines as you want, to start multiple apps simultanously.

You can Download QuickStart Here.

NOTE: If you run it and the target app is not already installed, or you mistyped the target path, it will give you an error that says the system cannot find the file.Of course
MySplash MiniApp Download

MySplash is a simple tool that pops up a customizable window that you can use as a splash screen for the Portable Apps Menu, as an identification tool, an info window, or a brand screen.

You need a basic knowledge of HTML to configure MySplash, but it's not too hard.

All the files are in /App/MySplash/
- Splash.hta is the main window, you don't need to edit it. It displays a frame that contains the mysplash.html file, and a close button. It automatically closes after 10 seconds.
- splash.css is the stylesheet for Splash.hta. You can use it to change the background color of the app. Advanced users can create a background image called mysplash.jpg. Bear in mind that this only changes the background that you can see around the iframe, in effect a "picture frame".
- mysplash.html is a very simple html file that is displayed in the iframe of Splash.hta. You can simple change the existing text, or do a complete customization. Long web pages will show a scrollbar in the Splash.hta.
- background.jpg is the background for mysplash.html, and can be customized however you'd like.

For reference in creating background images, the size of the Splash.hta is 450px by 325px, and the size of the iframe is 425px by 250px.

To autostart this app when the PortableApps Menu starts, use the AutoStart function in the menu: Right-click on MySplash in tha PA Menu and select "Start Automatically".

You can Download MySplash Here.

ThemeBuilder Download
ThemeBuilder is a tool to help you create Themes for 2.0b5, by displaying the theme as you edit the png files that make up the theme.
When finished, you can package it as a .patheme file, ready for installation in PAM 2.0b5

You can Download ThemeBuilder Here.