PortableApps Skins is a home for creating and sharing themes for the PortableApps Menu from PortableApps.com.
The current version of the PortableApps Menu is 2.0 beta 5, and the themes here are  intended to support the latest official menu.

On this page, I will be sharing both my themes and themes that other users submit, as well as iconpacks. If you have a theme you'd like me to post, send an e-mail via my SF account, listed at the bottom of the page. Please only submit original work. If you use open source or redistributable icons, please include a license file along with the theme. I reserve the right to choose which themes will be posted.

Check out the MiniApps for some very simple tools to extend the capabilities of the Menu. 
I've also posted my own custom app for building themes, the PAM Theme Builder Portable.

The PortableApps theming system has evolved in version 2.0. I've posted an explanation of the system on the PortableApps Site (here). I'm also adding my own personal musings from time to time here on the Theme Tutorial Blog.

Here you can see my collection of themes and icon packs.

By Solanus

Showing off some FF00FF

This is the first Theme I made with my PAM Theme Builder.

The second Theme I made with my PAM Theme Builder
Here's a GIMP template with all the individual images that make up a theme. You may prefer to use this, but now I rather use the PAM Theme Builder.


A GIMP template that contains all the graphics necessary for a total conversion
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